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Our Mission 


 We wish to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to build a more balanced, safe and welcoming world together. 

We believe in giving back to the community and we work hard every day to help people in need. 

“Let’s create a world where suffering, poverty and hunger are very rare exceptions”

Supporting Local Charities


 Live to help is a unique non-profit organization that works to make a difference in the communities world wide. We hold special events in support of local charities and people in need. 

Our events offer platform to young entrepreneurs and philanthropists so they can be part of the helping process.


We believe in contributing to society and we work closely with inspiring and well-known charities in Alberta such as Canadian Blood Services or Ronald McDonald House Charities. 

Clothing & Supplies for Kids and Families in Need in India and Canada

In North America, we have organizations that will take your gently used clothing and household items as charity, and donate the items or proceeds to people in need. In India, no such system exists.  Live to Help collects, organizes and delivers clothing and other household supplies to families living in the slum areas in Jalandhar, Punjab.  These are the people who need these items the most. 

Job Placement & Training for Unemployed Men in Canada

When you live in the cycle of extreme poverty, it is hard to get ahead and earn money to support yoru family.  Live to Help’s Job Placement & Training program helps unemployed men in India get a job, offering to pay their wages for 3 months so they can learn new skills and obtain permanent employment.  Not only doees this provide a job and training for the candidate, it also provides the employer with a skilled worker at no cost to them. 

Humanitarian Projects in India

When you donate to Live to Help, you choose what project you would like to support.  We are dedicated to helping people in need, specifically in India.  Some projects we are currenlty raising funds for include:

  • Unique Home Orphanage for Girls in Jalandhar
  • Helping the poor with wood & materials to cremate their deceased loved ones. 
  • Mobile Health Clinic providing free care & medication to those in need.
  • Woman education in India

Food & Shelter for Abandoned Cows

Live to Help raises funds to help provide food, shelter and care for abandoned cows in India as taught in the Vedic scriptures.  We work with local organizations in India to make sure that abandoned cows have protection and care for the rest of their lives.

Saving Lives & Building Families Since 1990

Children Placed

$ Raised

Homes Built

We’ve Raised over $400,000 to Charities Around the World

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Live to Help is building a family mediation and recreation centre in south Edmonton that is free to use.  We need help raising the funds. 

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